Friday, August 22, 2014

Logan Lo on his novel The Men Made of Stone: A New York Story

American Logan Lo is an author and an intellectual property attorney 

1. (NH) What are some goals you would like to achieve with your book The Men Made of Stone: A New York Story?
(LL) I suppose there are always macro and micro goals for every endeavor.

(LL) On a macro level, I feel that Asian-American crime stories always get it "wrong." For example, there's always some reference to Triads when it comes to Asian-American crime organizations, but Triads are a uniquely Far East phenomenon. In America, there are no triads, but there are "Tongs," which are different and, fundamentally, an Asian-American thing. It's like how in Italy, the criminal organization 'Ndrangheta" has been around for almost 200 years but they are not La Cosa Nostra, which was created here in America. I wanted to create something that laid out how organized crime is actually organized here in America while interweaving it with a good yarn.

(LL) On a micro level, I just want to tell a good story where people just have to turn the page to find out what happens next.

2. (NH) What is some of the most appreciated feedback you have received regarding this book?
(LL) I think some of my proudest moments have been from avid readers who tell me they were affected when one of my characters, who they grew to really like, died. That meant they were invested in the story. I also appreciated when you said that you thought I had noteworthy craftsmanship by developing so many characters. These little things make my day.

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