Friday, August 22, 2014

Logan Lo on Creative Writing

American Logan Lo (pictured above) is an author and an intellectual property attorney

1. (NH) What is it about creative writing and storytelling which appeals to you most?
(LL) The fact that stories like The Iliad and Beowulf exist thousands of years after they were created and are still being retold shows how ingrained storytelling is to people. I think stories make us uniquely human. I suppose there's something about being part of a tribe that creates stories that live on past the lives of the authors that appeals to me most. I'm actually an intellectual property attorney by trade and IP law deals with the protection of ideas. So this concern with the imagination is part of both my work and personal life.

2. (NH) Who would you consider to be some of your biggest writing influences and why? 
(LL) There were three teachers I had that really instilled a love of literature and creative writing in me, but I think that's a common thing. People out there that show you what is possible in a certain craft. There were also three books that had a profound impact on my writing and my life:

  • The Godfather because it managed to make these really horrible people seem honorable and interesting in an almost "unreliable narrator" kind of way; 
  • The Count of Monte Cristo because it had such a clearly defined overarching theme; 
  • A Tree Grows in Brooklyn because it was a period piece that really made the era come alive for the reader.

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